There are times of the season when a team member is going through life’s roller-coaster ride. Here at we enjoy making others smile and laugh and when it comes to our team members, we definitely want to make sure we are there for any support they need.

We like to poke fun and quote the movie “300” about a strong and wise Spartan king leading his courageous troops to fight an enemy force that is bigger than they are. These men learned to not only fight together, but stand up for each other as a team.

We always desire for our team to be strong, be wise, and be courageous — never give up, press forward. A team member illustrated King Leonidas of the Spartans and we like to pass him around as a reminder we are there for each other. It’s important for us to be strong not just as individuals, but just as strong as a team.

  • Project Type: Digital Illustration
  • Skills Needed: Adobe Illustrator
  • Client: — In house.
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Credit: